Our History

In the early years of the nineteenth century the western portion of North Carolina was very sparsely settled, with homes usually several miles apart. The staunch men and women who lived here were deeply religious, God-fearing people. They realized the need for a building in which to assemble together for worship; thus, July 26, 1828, the church which we now know as Shoal Creek Baptist Church came into being.

The United or Missionary Baptist Church, to be known as Mount Zion, was established at Yellow Hill in what is now Cherokee, NC. At that time, Yellow Hill was a part of Haywood County, later becoming Swain County. This church with forty-three original members was constituted by a presbytery of three men: Humphrey Posey, Adam Corn, and Stephen White.

In April of 1836, the Mount Zion Church divided, creating the Oconalufty and Shoal Creek Churches with Shoal Creek retaining the keys and records. The first Shoal Creek Church building, located near the home of Albert Keener at what is now the entrance to Camp Creek Road, was destroyed by fire on October 19, 1874. Brother Samuel Beck gave the use of his home for a meeting place until a new building could be completed.

The new building, located on property in the Jerry Field near Qualla School, was built on land granted by Sarah Jane Thomas for this one purpose. This building was used until December, 1915, when it was torn down and sold to help finance a new church.

The third building (below) was used from February, 1918, until January 29, 1956


Pictured below is an “Intermediate” Sunday School Class which attended Shoal Creek during the 1930’s. The third church building can be seen in the background.


Late in 1953, plans were made to raise funds for a new, larger building. Brother Golman Kinsland was appointed Chairman of the Building Committee; ground was broken in the spring of 1954 for the block and brick building.

Constructed for approximately $25,000, the church contains a full basement with classrooms, as well as a large sanctuary finished with plaster and blonde woodwork; memorial stained glass windows were also installed.

The first service in this church was held on Sunday, January 29, 1956, with 79 present for Sunday School; the Rev. O. J. Beck, pastor, led in the worship hour. The church pastorium was completed in the spring of 1965.


During the early years, meetings were held once a month, usually including both Saturday and Sunday services. Later, services were held on the second and fourth Sundays. Pastors received only the money taken after each service. However, “poundings” were popular during which members of the congregation would surprise the pastor with gifts of food including canned goods, meats, vegetables, and staple items. Shoal Creek Baptist Church first called a full-time pastor in 1960, at which time the church also voted to pay a set salary.

On Sunday, July 30, 1979, Shoal Creek Baptist Church celebrated the 150th Anniversary of its founding with a day-long program. After regular Sunday School at 10:00 am, the morning message was delivered by the Rev. Alvin Loiry, then serving as the Tuckaseigee Baptist Associatonal Missionary and a former pastor of the church. Brother Loiry’s wife, the former Christine Browning, is a direct descendant of the Rev. Humphrey Posey, one of the presbytery constituting the church.


On Sunday, July 20, 2003, the church celebrated it’s 175th Anniversary with congregational singing, a special music presentation and morning message given by Rev. Stephen Jamison. After the service, church members moved to the Qualla Community Building next door to enjoy a meal together, followed in the afternoon by a program of special music, historical reminiscences, and recognition of former pastors and special guests.


In 2012, the church decided to expand with the addition of a new Fellowship Hall. Completed in late 2013 and outfitted with two classrooms, meeting space, a full kitchen, and an office for our pastor, the new Fellowship Hall was built on the site of our original building 3.


Pastors of Shoal Creek Baptist Church

1828-32 Adam Corn
1832-34 Stephen White
1834-37 George Colon
1837-40 David Elders
1840-47 S. Gibson
1847-54 I.T.S. Sherrill
1854-60 E. D. Brendle
1860-68 J. L. Buchanan
1868-70 W.H. Connor
1870-80 E.D. Brendle
1880-82 W. Ensley
1882-84 E.D. Brendle & A.H. Simms
1884-85 W.H. Connor
1885-87 E.D. Brendle
1887-88 A.H. Simms
1888-89 A.B. Thomas
1889-91 W. Ensley
1891-93 J.P. Panther
1893-95 A.H. Simms
1895-1900  W.H. Connor
1900-01 Ammons
1901-02 R.L. Cook
1902-03 J.W. Kesterson
1903-09 T.F. Arrington
1909-10 A.C. Queen
1910-11 P.F. McGee
1911-12 J.A. Gibbs
1912-13 W.L. Bradley
1913-14 C.F. Owen
1914-15 O.P. Williams
1915-16 T.F. Arrington
1916 T.F. Deitz
1918-20 John Hyde
1920-21 J.F. Blackburn
1921-22 A.C. Queen
1922-25 B.S. West
1925-26 W.C. Reed
1926-27 J.T. Carson
1927-37 L.J. Rogers
1937-41 Ben Cook
1941-45 John L. Hyatt
1945-46 J.J. Patterson
1946-50 L.J. Rogers
1950    William Mills
1950-58 O.J. Beck
1958-60 William Payne
1960-64 Charles Stevens
1964-65 Roy Smith (interim)
1965-67 Lloyd Fish, Jr.
1967-69 Lester Poteate
1969    Dr. J. Harold Anderson (interim)
1969-73 Frank Reed
1973    Earl Douthit (interim)
1974-76 Alvin Loiry
1976-78 Douglas McFadin
1978-79 Dr. J. Harold Anderson (interim)
1979-82 David Blackney
1982-85 S.J. Waters
1985-86 Dr. J. Harold Anderson (interim)
1986-91 Dr. J. Harold Anderson
1992-93 Dr. J. Harold Anderson (interim)
1993-96 Rev. Daryle Norton
1996-2002 Rev. Stephen Jamison
2002-2003 (interims)
2003-2007 Rev. Mike Dellinger

      2007-2021 Rev. Steve Jamison

2021-Present Dr. Mickey Duvall